Salt Mountain by Carmel Winters- A review

A former NAYD Young Critic reviews the latest NAYD National Youth Theatre Show, Salt Mountain by Carmel Winters.

Droichead Youth Theatre Online

After taking some time to deliberate, we have Aoife Gallagher and Andy McLoughlin this week giving their two cents on National Youth Theatre and their production of Salt Mountain by Carmel Winters last month!

The story told in Carmel Winters’ Salt Mountain is as familiar as it is topical. The play focuses on a community thrown out of their homes and left to survive with nothing but the community around them, occasionally showing the aloof and apathetic response of the powers deciding their fate. The play is performed by NAYD and featuring our very own Lorna Kettle.

Now, the first thing which struck me about this play was of course, the set. It just can’t be ignored for as soon as one walks in they immediately notice this unusual set, featuring huge mounds of real salt in the middle of the stage, resembling mountains. This in itself was unusual, to…

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