Ganesh Vs The Third Reich

An Epic Trilogy of Reviews about an Epic Weekend of Theatre comes to a conclusion with Andy Vs. Ganesh Vs. The Third Reich

Droichead Youth Theatre Online

Andy McLoughlin’s epic trilogy of reviews concludes with Ganesh Vs. The Third Reich, by Back to Back Theatre, seen with the Young Critics programme as part of this year’s Dublin Theatre Festival.

A term, especially in art, used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential.
-Urban Dictionary

Andy Vs. Ganesh Vs. The Third Reich

In a weekend filled with weird plays, it seemed fitting to end it with a play that was really two normal plays. The first storyline of Ganesh Vs. The Third Reich tells the story of the Hindu god of overcoming obstacles (oh how symbolic!) trekking through Eastern Europe on a quest to reclaim the symbol of the Swastika from Nazi Germany. This story is interspersed with scenes showing a sort of “Making of the Show” in which we’re given a fictionalised account of the production’s story from start to grizzly end. As the play progresses…

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