National Association of Youth Drama’s Young Critics Program

Thomas Caffrey from Droichead YT reviews Luck Just Kissed You Hello and The Night Alive as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2015

Droichead Youth Theatre Online

Thomas Caffrey is back. And this time it’s theatrical. This is part one of his account of his trek into the dense and treacherous jungle of modern Irish Theatre with this year’s NAYD Young Critics Panel. Read on… If you dare.

So we returned yet again, our task set, our resolves in check. Dissemble theatre internally, build it back together inside the eye of our minds and see if it all comes crashing down like an unbalanced game of jenga. The weekend got off to an impeccable start; anything that begins with missing maths class can hardly be faulted. Meeting outside of the GPO, we had an extremely brief reunion followed by a swift trip to the Project Arts Centre, where we devoured some sandwiches mercilessly and took part in a preparatory workshop during which we unpacked and set out our collective expectations of the three performances we would be…

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