The Ties That Bind- Shibari Review

Janet Moran and Orion Lee in the Abbey Theatre production of Gary Duggan’s SHIBARI, directed by Tom Creed on the Peacock stage as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. 4 Oct – 3 Nov 2012. Pic by Fiona Morgan.

SHIBARI by Gary Duggan
Directed by: Tom Creed
Reviewed by: Luke Casserly, 08 October, 2012

Shibari is a contemporary piece of modern theatre which hones in on the ties, connections and interlinked relationships which exist between people in modern-day Dublin. Through a series of vignettes we see into the lives of six ordinary people living in the city.
A distinct and bold Japanese flavour wavers through this play at all times and many aspects of the lighting, setting and costume design are inclusive of this Japanese sense.

The clean and elegant knot transitions were admirably smooth, as was the quirky set, designed by Frank Conway. The gradual colour changes in costume from knot-to-knot were wickedly effective and acting was faultless throughout. I commend Janet Moran and Kate Nic Chonaonigh in particular on their excellent character development, which shone brilliantly on the night I attended.

I enjoyed this play a great amount. It doesn’t follow the conventional and linear structure of a play, instead, it unfolds in a series of knots, rather than scenes. The play’s clever structural arrangement along with its direct and sometimes witty dialogue was highly entertaining and indeed thought-provoking; Shibari is a play which is intensely real and relative to a modern Irish audience. Having said this, the play did not personally offer me any long-term effect. It did not cause me to think for any longer than a few hours post show.
Tom Creed has directed a wonderfully modern, symbolic and different piece in the form of Shibari, which is presented on the Peacock Stage. A play full of realism and quirk, it is highly entertaining to say the least. As I had seen it in its preview stage, I look forward to seeing the further development which the production undergoes. It is highly recommended by this critic that you go and experience Shibari for yourself.

Luke Casserly is a member of NAYD’s Young Critics 2012